Hand Drawn Lettering


Continually updated post.

Recently I’ve gotten into practising hand drawn type. I really like the calligraphy style of writing and at the moment I’m trying to get better at it. I’ve been looking a lot online for inspiration and help on techniques. I follow a few Instagram pages and they pop up on my feed with lots of different styles and ways of drawing letters.

@loosestandards, Nick Bronx

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 15.14.56

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 15.15.11

A hand letterer from NYC, he creates really incredible and interesting letterforms. He sometimes posts videos of his process to create what looks like really complicated letters. This is the level I want to be at because I love how the words become work of art in itself but can also be combined with imagery to create bigger pieces of work. I like being able to use my own type designs within my work and I want to learn to use more illustrative type like this guy does within his work.

Daviher Loredo

Found on Behance

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 15.20.08


Loredo is a graphic designer and typographer. He creates incredible illustrative type, designed as a poster or combined on top of an image. I like how on one piece of his work, ‘Romanticism & Lettering’, he combined his calligraphy on top of imagery that makes the work have an element of old and new design. On this work he also shows a stop motion of his process which shows how much work goes into to creating letterforms which look so effortless.

Andy Rementer, ‘Nice’ poster for Printed Pages

He created this letterforms by painting them, using a flat-edged brush along with creating other symbols to go on the poster. It was a simple but effective approach creating bold letterforms. I like this way of painting a letter because you get a flat, crisp effect as you would if you were to draw out a letter on illustrator. If I try to create letters like this they tend to be uneven I have to use Illustrator to enhance them so perfecting painting letters like these is something I want to aspire to do.


10 Days in another part of the world.

Study trip to Beijing, China

Saturday 18th – Tuesday 28th March

BIFT University

A whirlwind of 10 days, experiencing another world; which China really is. A culture so different from what we’re used to, so many things we experienced were so far from our western life. With our BIFT student buddies beside us, we took on what Beijing had to offer and fell in love with it – excluding the toilets of course. We saw so much in a matter of days, including the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China as well as experiencing student life at BIFT university. Beijing was such a busy and vibrant city, with the architecture heavily influenced from communism and only snippets of traditional Chinese buildings. It’s a rich city and there was little sign of poverty – which I’m sure would change if we went further out of the city.
We experienced the teaching style at the university which I learned to be strict and that ‘happy accidents’ most certainly do not exist, after having my work taking of me a couple of times and being told it was wrong. I did become more thankful for the kind of teaching we have, the fact that we don’t have to strive to be perfectionists and we can be really playful with our work. BIFT campus is an incredible space; a fashion show was taking place it it’s own assigned room and huge exhibition spaces on the ground floor. And the students certainly knew how to dress, can’t imagine it’s ever a jeans and baggy jumper day for them. The canteen reminded me of the ones you see on American films yet the food was far from it – the best ‘school dinner’ meal you could have ever tasted. The food really was amazing out there. Eating at a different restaurant every night we really experienced what they eat in China. It’s such a social occasion, with all the food placed as a buffet in the centre of the table – rolled back to the hotel most nights. The week we were with BIFT university we had the most amazing people take care of us – Robin, Edward, Dave, Dylan and Chris – and they showed us their view of Beijing. They all had hearts of gold, really looked out for us and showed so much commitment to what they do. They respect their education and teachers so much that it really puts a lot of Brit students to shame. They all have curfews in their dorms: they’re not allowed to shower after 9pm and even when they do shower it has to be public (no curtain) and they have a curfew of 11pm every night so if they’re not back by then they are locked out of their room. This was a complete shock to us, to think these guys were 19/20/21 and were stuck to a curfew by their university. While we were there though that didn’t stop them from taking us out and making sure we were having fun, which included a couple nights at Karaoke – and they knew how to party.

Hebei Academy of Fine Arts

Whilst being in China we travelled to Shijiazhuang, Hebei where we visited Hebei Academy of Fine Arts – quite possibly the most bizarre university I’ve ever seen. It was like a cross with Chinese traditional buildings and Hogwarts – however on their website they stress that it was not built to look like Chinese Hogwarts, instead “the castle serves as an animation studio for students and is called “Cinderella’s Castle” and is designed in the Gothic style and modelled on castles of medieval Europe”. We met the Dean of the school as well as the owner who showed us the university and the plans and building work of what it were to become. Turns out we were the first group of international students to visit the university which explains why they were so excited about us being there. It was a beautiful campus, the architecture was so picturesque. We stayed in a hotel which was on campus which I thought was amazing, such a nice hotel too.
The university really was bizarre though because the ‘Hogwarts’ part was so modern, very grand and beautiful, yet they showed us classrooms which were literally falling apart. Wires all over the floor, broken floor boards, just generally dirty and could do with a bit of TLC. I found it very odd that so much money was being put into this new build, yet there was a building that was still being used, that could do with a revamp. Despite all this, we did get a taste of true chinese culture which I loved. We got to wear Chinese gowns, which we wore for the ceremony of Cardiff Met signing an agreement with the Hebei Academy of Fine Arts. We were taught Chinese calligraphy which I was really excited to do because who doesn’t want to learn how to write in Chinese? We also did a workshop with the Hebei students that Olwen ran; basically a game of pictionary, which was an experience to say the least because the students could speak as much English as I could Chinese. Though we were only at the university for 2 nights, it was a beautiful campus to experience and so so different to anything we have in the UK.

Overall, I had the time of my life on this trip and learned so much. Being alongside the amazing BIFT students during the week was such an eye opener to see their life and what their university was like, as well as get to know them and become a great group of friends. Coming back, I have so much more drive and motivation for my work now. To see what these students that are the same age as me are achieving, really makes me want to push my work further and always try to make it as good as it can be. I’m so incredibly thankful that I got to take this opportunity and I will certainly be going back China again soon.

I took videos on GoPro throughout – video of trip to be uploaded.

Agouti Motor Sport

Thurs 1st Dec

Thanks to a good friend of mine I had my first commissioned piece of work! Earlier yesterday morning I had something ring me asking if I could draw up a logo for his company that needed to be done by Friday afternoon to be sent to the printers. I had no creative input into the logo itself, I just had to draw it onto Illustrator.

He’d already drawn it in Photoshop, had decided on the colours but just needed a few adjustments to it. This was the logo he had designed:


The coloured part was the main logo then he wanted ‘AGOUTI MOTOR SPORT’ – name of company – written underneath.

It was a complex draw to do on Illustrator but it was good practice with the tools on the programme. Once I drawn it and sent it to him it was then back-and-fourth with messages of things he wanted to change:


First I sent him these two – one with black outlines and one without. He didn’t like where the writing was placed and wanted it underneath, stretching out the length of the logo. He also wanted the colours a lot lighter, the white changed to a grey and the ends of the lines to be a straight-edge. He didn’t like the centre piece inside the triangle so that needed to be taken out too.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 17.14.20.png

He then told me that the lines didn’t line up so I then had to go through the entire logo checking they lined up – they did. However, there was 5 rows in 2 of the lines but only four in the other so I had to go through taking out two lines so that it was all even.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 17.49.46.png

This was the final logo I gave him, which he was really happy with – but his manager was not. Even though the entire logo was there design and I was getting feedback from them each step of creating it, there was then a big issue that the look and colours were all wrong. By this point, I’d spent 2 hours already on it and since I wasn’t being paid, I told him I couldn’t go any further with it unless I was paid again.

The next morning, I had a message from him again, asking if I could draw a new logo up for him that his manager had drawn. This was it:


There was several alterations he wanted and he wanted a variety of colours. This design was a lot easier to draw up on Illustrator. Here were the variations:

His favourite was the blue/black variation. He didn’t want the ‘agouti’ in stripes only the motorsport and he wanted to change how the colour was on the triangular shape. He sent me this to follow:



After seeing this, he decided he wanted the ‘agouti’ in black.


I then sent him this back which he then wanted another alteration. He wanted the triangle to be pushed down so it was equal and for the ‘AGOUTI’ to be the same size as the triangle.


This is the final logo I sent him which he and his manager was happy with.

I was happy to get a bit of industry experience though my first experience wasn’t the greatest since for the 2 hours I spent drawing both the logos, I had constant phone calls and messages throughout to make sure I was doing it right. The logo was for a motorsport company who race mini’s on racetracks, which he said has the potential to go big. Personally, I think the logo looks like it’s made for a tyre company, but hey, what do I know? I just study graphic design.