Final print – Evaluation

Above are images of the final print. Really happy with the final print, the colours have come out really well and so have the images; they’re good quality and contrast well with the illustrative text. The size of it is B3 which I was worried was too big but the having it that big works well because you can see more detail in the illustrative type. Unfortunately, on the first spread there is blue ink at the bottom which was a fault from the printer but other than that everything came out really well. I’ve made so many changes to this piece of work from when I started a couple months ago so I think even if I was given more time on this piece of work, I would not change anything because I’ve taken on everything piece of feedback I’ve been given and exhausted all of my ideas so I can’t think of anything I would do differently. I’m proud of the outcome I’ve produce because it’s been a long road of developing and changing all of what I’ve come up with and is such a huge improvement from where I originally started. I’ve learned a huge amount about type setting and how to lay out an article which has been a lot bigger challenge that I had originally given credit for. Type setting is definitely something I need to continuing improving on and a way I can do this is to continue to look at articles and learn from what practicing designers are creating. I’ve also learned what my strengths are too: I really like photography and it’s something I will definitely continue to try and use within my future projects; as well as illustrative type, I’m going to keep developing it and spend more of my time creating illustrative [typography] pieces of work.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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