Ephemera Improvements

Original ephemera: https://ellenreiddesign.wordpress.com/2016/12/06/final-version/

Within the formative feedback received last year, I was told various aspects of my ephemera to improve on. This included: could the black panels be extended further to help with hierarchy?; make use of the images to give better variation; it’s very text heavy; improve the paragraphs and there are a lot of big blocks of text. To begin with, I started to improve the paragraphs as best as I could. This was hard because there is a lot of writing for each designer. What I wanted to focus on was improving the pace of each page by using the images and black panels. I tried to fill more of the page with the image, enlarging it up to the edge of the page so that it broke the page up, especially with the pages that had large chunks of text, I found that it gave a break from all the text. Parts that were text heavy, I tried to break up with text or paragraph break but I found this difficult because of the amount of text some of the designers have. My font size is 8.5 already and I didn’t want to decrease it even more in worry it would be difficult to read. I was really pleased with my original piece of work so tried to improve as best as I could without loosing too much of the original piece I’d created. The elements I have change I feel have improved it a lot because that the pace of each page flows more and I increasing the size of the images has definitely made it look less text heavy. The one thing I found with the previous piece of work is that it each page felt slightly repetitive so I kept that in mind when improving it; some of the pages still look similar but they definitely look more individual – though still following the same visual attributes to link as one piece of work.

Final ephemera:
(I was not able to print in the yellow paper I had done originally so instead I used yellow backgrounds on InDesign)

PDF: designboom-improvements


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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