3rd Year Degree Show

Exhibition – Friday 26th May

I really enjoyed looking round the 3rd years exhibition. There was some really incredible pieces of work there and seems crazy to think that’ll be us in 2 years time. My favourite pieces of work were the magazines created; there was a huge amount of content in them and were really interesting to look through.

Three favourite pieces of work:

1) Zuzanna El Tanbouli: Silky Way


I loved Zuzanna’s magazine. There was so much context inside and everything about it worked so well. The work alone was beautiful but the presentation added to it; you can tell that she really thought about how she was going to present her work. The colour palette is soft against the bright and colourful imagery but the contrast compliments each other. I love the uniqueness of her work because I’ve never come across a tour guide quite like it. Everything is so thought out; from the page to page guide on Tokyo to the branding of the magazine itself – definitely know who to go to if I’m planning a trip to Japan.

2) Jessica Zschorn: Exposing Deviance


This piece of work is really fun, colourful and vibrant and was one of the pieces that really stood out in the room. It’s a unique take on the subject she’s chosen but I like that she’s over emphasised the actions, objects and emotions in each photo to create colourful and really positive imagery. She’s taken so many different colours and put them together in photography or pattern which compliment each other. It’s given me inspiration with the kind of colours to put together and that even colours so bright that you think wouldn’t work, can really compliment each other.

3) Dan Davies: What is a Real Connection?


I really like the interactiveness of this piece and how it engages the person looking at the piece. The poster in middle, on it’s own, I really like because of the different typography used and how that and the shape of the words sets the pace of how to read it. There were little cards on the side where you would ask the person next to you a question as well as notes to write and stick on the wall. I like that it was more than just communicating a message on the poster and booklet, you were able to interact with the piece which was really different to the other pieces of work in the room.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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