Final submission before print

Friday 19th May

Submission of article: transgendersurgery


From the point that I started this project, I have come a long way with how it looks now. I always stuck with the same principles – needs to be gender neutral, fun, positive, playful – but the way I’ve approached it has changed massively. I’d done a lot of research prior to designing my article which helped shaped what I wanted to do. Most of the articles I’d looked at used a lot of experimental typography along with photography so to begin with that was the point I wanted to focus my ideas on. At first, I wanted to focus on colours and print and to be playful in that way so I spent some time in the print studio and then edited my prints with colour to be added onto the article. However, the look of my article then took a completely different turn after I’d taken photos and realised I liked how they looked just as stand alone images with text overlaying. I’d seen other articles where the images had took centre stage and the text worked around it which I really liked so I turned my focus to creating that look. I then hit a wall because I was trying so many things that I was loosing track on what I liked and didn’t like so I turned back to my research, evaluated what I was doing and then came up with the idea of using illustrative type. It was at this point that I was happy with the outcomes I was producing and continued to use feedback to help develop my work further. What I’ve come up with now as my final piece, is a combination of illustrative typography, photography – all images taken by myself – and the text of the article that I’ve worked really hard to fit and work with the rest of the imagery. There were a couple of aspects within the article I was having problems with. The first being that I had had a lot of problems with. I was struggling with balancing the hierarchy between the imagery, typography and article text because the imagery and typography always stood out far more than the body text, which became difficult and uninteresting to read. It was a constant struggle to try and balance this out but I continued to persevere and use feedback to come up with an outcome I was happy with. The second aspect within my article was once I’d decided to use illustrative typography and black and white imagery, on the second double paged spread, I was struggling to find a place on the page the quote could be read properly. After trying various different combinations and even changing the colour of the image, I scrapped the original illustration and re-drew the quote, which instantly worked better on the page. In hindsight, I should have done that in the first place because it would have saved myself a lot of time but I’m glad I came to that conclusion eventually.

Printing the article

While I am waiting to print my work, I began thinking about how it would print and have found that there could be a problem when it does print. Since my article is quite big and will need to be printed on A1. I will print it as 3 double paged spreads – pages 1&6 on the first spread, pages 2&3 on the second and pages 4&5 on the third – and then stick them back to back together. I would prefer it if they were printed double sided but it is not possible to do this.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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