Front page

The first thing I began to do is redevelop the front page to make it more interesting since it is the first thing you see within the article. I first tried to have the title behind the image, but as I did that, the title became lost and didn’t sit as well as I had thought it would. I like the orange text used on the second spread so I tried changing the colour of the text but again, it was lost on the image and using yellow text as the heading worked far better. I tried a mixture of these colours which wasn’t working so I then looked to my research for inspiration. The pages in the magazine ‘YOHO!Girl’ had borders around some of the images and often had a heading written on top in handwriting style. I took inspiration from this particular style which I liked but it didn’t work with this article because it made it look quite grunge and didn’t give the sense of positivity that I wanted it too.

I was also struggling to change the layout and colour of the body text so that it stood out more on the page so I decided to change the cover page to just one front cover instead of the double page spread. I changed the photo to a portrait image rather than the original landscape one so it sat better on the page. I wanted to use this purely as a cover page with just the title on it. I played around with a more minimalist approach of writing the title, still keeping with using yellow, however this turned out more to look like the National Geographic logo which was not what I had originally intended. I do like the idea of having it as just a cover page so I will stick to this page layout from now on – so 2 single pages and 2 double-paged spreads – but will continue to experiment with more ideas for how to display it.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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