What’s next?

After experimenting with several ideas, I decided that all of what I was doing wasn’t working and I needed to take a different direction. I printed of the article that I had so far and made notes around it to decide what’s to do next.


I like this image as the front cover because I like the composition of it and theres loads of space around the image for text. The pace of it works well because you’ve got a clear heading and then body text to the left, however, the body text is lost and it’s not easy to read at all. It needs to be broken up more and considering it’s the front cover it needs to stand out more. Perhaps with quotes and there needs to be more of an indication that this is the start of the article.


In the above spread, I liked how the image and text sat separate and the colour orange as the text colour compliments the image. I explained in a previous post that I wanted this particular quote from the article to be on it’s own page. After seeing it printed out on the page, I want to try other ways to make the quote stand out on the page and an idea for this is to illustrate it. I’ve been practicing a lot of illustrated type recently so the idea would be is to illustrate this quote and have it sit in on top or next to the image. One thing both of the above spreads have in common is that they’re boring to look at. I’m really happy with the images and I think they’re really strong but I don’t think they’re enough to make the pages stand out so I want to be more experimental with the typography as I think that will make the pages a lot more interesting.


This page does not excite me at all; it’s contemporary and I think the pace of it works with the body text to the side and a quote in the middle, but the colours used are dull and I feel that this spread is designed more as a middle page rather than the end of the article. I also think that the quote used sets a more negative tone and since I want the article to be shown in a positive light, I feel that I need to use a different quote to show this. Reducing the body text size so that it fits onto the whole of the image and then increasing the image size so that it fills the whole page, I think, will look a lot better than what it is now.

To do:

  • change the front cover:
    • stand out more
    • different colours?
    • change body text – difficult to read
    • change title
  • illustrate ‘The Genderbread Person’ quote
  • finishing page:
    • change quote
    • larger image
    • small body text

Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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