My initial ideas for the photoshoot was to take photos of someone in description of Skylar – the guy in the article. As well as using portraiture in the article, I also had an idea of editing these photos so that they could be used to illustrate ‘The Genderbread Person’, as described in the article. I’ve already done some typography designs so there could be a potential idea of using this typography designs in combination with photography.

The shoot

Location: My friends flat

My friend agreed to be my model; coincidentally, he has a similar description so what is to described in the article so it worked well. His flat’s living room in the ground floor and has a huge window that lets in a lot of light so I thought this would be in the perfect location to take photos. Initially, I had ideas of taking photos in the photography studio but then I thought it would work better to take photos inside a home/living room as it would add warmth to the images.

I asked my friend to wear clothes that were describe in the article:

“Skylar was sitting cross-legged, wearing baggy athletic shorts, colorful socks, and a hoodie. He had floppy bangs, bright teeth, and dimples, and wore a diamond stud in his ear and a clutch of rubber wristbands.”

“What I saw, having never met him before, was a kid who was boy-band cute and a little nerdy, in an unapologetic, proto-hipster way.”

Photos taken:

I like the lighting on these photos and the fact that theres a plain and simplistic background. From the article he seemed quite a querky guy so I wanted to reflect that within the images. I think the closed up shots works the best where they’re just zoomed in on him sat down or his lower body. I think they’ll work well in the article. I want to try a variety of ways of editing them, my main idea at the moment is really reflecting colour within the article as I don’t want this to have a dark side to it, I want to article to show a positive reflection of what’s being said and I think that these photos will be right for it.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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