Headings and Subheadings

Screen printing experiments

Since I had already experimented with hand drawn typography for some of the quotations, I wanted to try using screen printing to use as potential headings and subheadings. In the article, I want to experiment with colour but I chose to screen print in black ink as I thought it would be easier to scan the prints in and edit the colour on Photoshop – this way I can trial a whole range of colours.

Before printing, I chose what I wanted to print and created the stencils. From the article, I used the quotes: what if I tell the wrong person?; transgender surgery at 16 and nothing along the lines of a girl. I chose not to print ‘ABOUT A BOY’ (which is the heading) because I’d prefer that to be more subtle and then have another phrase presented as the main title. I drew them out in as sans serif and straight so that they would be easy to cut by hand and they could be easily read. I also wanted them to print well because I am going scan them onto the computer, rework them on Photoshop and then include them into the article. Below are images of the stencils:


I printed each design 3 times on either card or tracing paper. I wanted to have one print as normal and then another print as quite abstract; so rather than print it using the squeegee, I will use my hands to press the ink onto the paper, creating a lighter and textured outcome. Another idea of mine was to print onto tracing paper so that when it came to scanning them in and reworking them digitally, I could experiment with scanning them in with images behind them to create a layered, textured effect. Images I use could relate to the article which could create a really interesting piece of work to look at and add more depth to the article.

The prints came out well, a few are a little imperfect but I quite like how parts of it isn’t printed properly – it can also be easily adjusted on Photoshop. I like the composition of how they’ve been stencilled. When I was drawing them initially, I was drawing them smaller and more together so that they would all fit onto the A3 page I was working on but the way they have been composed looks good; especially the ‘what if I tell the wrong person?’, it’s created a dynamic shape each word leading onto each other showing that it’s a question being asked, and the way different words are drawn it’s setting the tone of how it should be said. The experiment of only slightly printing the piece work well I think and though it’s a little difficult to read, I like that it’s textured and I think combined with other pieces of work, it could look really interesting.

Using these prints for the article could make it that bit more interesting. I don’t want my work to just be digital so I like the idea of combining my prints with digital work. After printing on tracing paper and thinking of possibilities of layering my work, I like the idea of using that concept for the whole article. I think that I could create some really interesting shapes and imagery if I were to layer a lot of work – e.g. combine my printed typography with the photographs I plan to take. I want the article to have colour so I think that if I were to have translucent layers on the article, it could create some vibrant colour combinations. My next point will be to do some research on pieces of work where they have combined a lot of components as layers onto one pieces because I can think in my head what it could look like however I want to do some research to help me think of more ideas of how I could go about it. As well as that, I will begin scanning in my work, reworking it on photoshop and seeing what it could look like placed into the article.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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