End of Project: Evaluation

The final submission of work comprises of an 1:05 animation, an app for the digital ephemera and posters for the printed ephemera.


I’m really happy with the final outcome of the animation. Everything we have all designed has all come together and there is a clear visual style that follows throughout. There were all certain parts that we each animated: I animating the middle part (see before blog posts); George drew most of the illustrations and animated them alongside Simeon, who also animated the intro and clock; and Ellie, animated the end part of the animation from the ‘unsure what to do?’ frame onwards. Despite that we all animated separately, it has all come together so well. The fact we all established a clear colour palette and visual style before animating help to do this. Each transition onto each frame runs smoothly and the pace is neither too fast nor too slow which makes it easy to read and understand. The sounds effects and music in the background work really well and makes the animation a lot better but I find the narration lets it down. Not everything in the script was read and it’s quite an unenthusiastic tone of voice for an animation that is supposed to fun, friendly and convey important information to wide audience. For example: at the start it should have said ‘The pressure on A&E is rapidly increases” over the frame of where the ‘A&E’ blows up like a balloon and bursts. Instead, the first narration is on the next slide when it says “more and more people are using the services…” Though this is to the script and makes sense, I feel that something was needed to be said at the start of the animation to provide a bit of context of what it was going to be about. Also, the part that I animated – the slide that reads ‘URGENT CARE & LIFE THREATENING’ – over the animation it should say “A&E is for urgent care and life threatening cases”. I felt that this was important to include because it is emphasising the meaning of A&E and when it should be used and by not having that narration, that illustrated frame doesn’t make a huge amount of sense. On the next slide, what was written in the script was said but not to the pace of the animation. There may have been a reason for choosing not to include some of the script – which obviously I wasn’t there to enforce it was said as the script – however, I do think some of it was needed to add some context into the animation. This may have happened due to lack of communication and in hindsight, it would have made more sense to record the script before animating so that there was no confusion and was animated at the exact pace of what was said.

Digital ephemera:

I think the designing of an app was a great idea for the digital ephemera. The idea of this app is that it will provide information on what each service is for and the location of the nearest service to you. I like the logo/icon designed for the app because I like how the heartbeat is used. Continuing with using the colours and typefaces keeps the visual style the same as the animation, so I feel like it’s clear they are the same work.

Printed ephemera:

poster with context

We always spoke about using a poster as the printed ephemera and I like how they’ve chosen to have it as an information poster explaining about the pressure on A&E and to download the app. I don’t like the black used though. After the interim presentation, we all discussed what colours to used and agreed to use blue, red and white only, no black. So using black in this poster, I think it makes it stand out too much and doesn’t fit alongside the animation and app. I like the actual design but I do think if the colour of the outline was used as the whole background and all the black in the poster was white instead, I think this would have made it better and fitting well alongside the other work. There are also a few spelling mistakes – which are easily fixed anyway – and apparently this was because there was less time spent creating it.

Overall I’m happy with all the work we’ve created. I think that we have worked well as a team, obviously had initial problems with being on the same page which a lot of groups are bound to have, but once we decided our final idea and direction we were to take, everything ran smoothly. I do think there were elements of lack of communication which is something that definitely would need to improve if we were to work together again. This is also something to take forward into the future group projects. This project has been really successful and I’ve enjoyed learning how to use After Effects. Animation is definitely something I will use and develop more in future projects.

Final presentation:

Final Presentation


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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