Group crit

As a group we each presented what we had done so far. We were all at different stages in terms of progress. Simeon had began animating one part of the storyboard and so had myself. Ellie was still at the stage of illustrating what we had on the storyboard in a similar style to how I was drawing and George was also illustrating some of the storyboard but in a different style.

(Below: the presentation)

After presenting and receiving our feedback, we discussed what was next. We all had the same idea but myself, Ellie and Simeon were drawing in one way and George was designing in another way. We all really liked George’s illustrations, (I personally preferred them to the ones I had drawn myself in the initial storyboard design), so we worked at using them within the animation. Some feedback from the crit was that the colours and typography I had used, worked well so we decided as a group that we would use my type and colour scheme throughout the animation. The background colour will always be the same throughout and then white, red and blue will be used for the typography and illustrations on each frame. All imagery drawn on the animation will be in the style of George’s illustrations, so the plan next is that George is going to draw his sketches onto Illustrator using the finalised colour scheme so that it is ready to be animated. This colour scheme, typography and Illustration style will also then be used for the ephemera so that there is a clear visual theme throughout.

After today, we now have a clear plan of action which I feel much happier about because I am now clear that we are all heading in the same direction. It was helpful having the group crit presentation today because it cleared any confusion about what to do in the project that each of us may have had. My last day in uni is the 17th now I have 3 days to complete a part of the animation to submit to the rest of my group. I will continue with what I am currently animating.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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