Joanna Quinn

Oscar-nominated animator; studied Graphic Design at university.

  • quick drawer – how she got into animation
  • a lot of different influences in the way she works
  • planned to be as powerful as possible
  • 12 drawings per seconds
    • key drawings that are on screen for a while are drawn properly, then movement drawings to link together – doesn’t matter if the movement drawings aren’t realistic/are messy because it’s just to show a real image
  • ‘Britannia’ film – was given a lot of criticism, very ‘anti-Britain’ look on ‘British Imperialism’
    • her advice: once it’s out there, the whole world can criticise it
  • sketches loads – comic strips

Joanna Quinn’s style is sketchy and ‘messy’ and the films that she showed us are comical. She showed us some of the drawings she’s done and it’s incredible how much time and effort goes into each film. I like that she draws quick, one of the things she said was that she didn’t like spending loads of time on drawings so she drew quickly which worked well with animation and drawing several frames for 1 second. With relation to the project were doing at the moment, it put’s into perspective how long animations can take. At the moment, our idea is predominantly text based with perhaps the odd image to show the information visually, which I think in the time span we have is very realistic to create. She was saying that with the level of detail in her animations she can take several months if not years just to create one film.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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