Discussion of Ideas

After discussing each of the ideas we had, our strongest one was do with NHS and A&E. We began brainstorming potential topics to do with this topic and we went with recruiting for the NHS. One of the major issue’s with the NHS right now is the closure of A&E departments. There is a staffing epidemic and there are not enough workers to provide the services needed. If we were to encourage people to join the NHS then there wouldn’t be an issue with staffing problems and perhaps the units that are closing down would be able to stay open.

We wanted to combine facts and stories to be put in the body of work. There are many facts that show negative reasons for joining the NHS and we wanted to use those but put a positive spin on it; as if to say, ok this is what is happening right now within our health care system but if you were to join then maybe these statistics would decrease. This could be shown in the animation.

George and Simeon had begun work on NHS logos; the idea of this was to redesign the logo as ‘NHS+’ so that it would include A&E within it as one big unit rather than separate. One of their designs included the high beat to represent the saving of lives that doctors and nurses, etc, achieve. We thought about including the heart beat throughout our work because it’s a good visual symbol to link all the work together. In the animation particular, we would have facts showing the increasing pressures the NHS is having, and the movement of the heartbeat would be shown throughout – after these effects have been read out the heart beat will be flat; that’ll be the only thing you’ll see on the page with the background noise being real sound of someone being resuscitated. Simple slogans like ‘join the NHS’, ‘save lives’, would then appear at the end. The idea is that it would be simple but effective to allow people to have a different look on the NHS – than the media portrays – and then help encourage people to pursue a career in the healthcare profession.


In the tutorial, we were told that recruiting for the NHS wasn’t an effective idea and that it felt like we were trying to rebrand the NHS which isn’t an effective campaign to have because we are giving out information that people already know about. We spoke about issues that the NHS are tackling and one of the main problems is that people aren’t using the services available effectively. So for example, A&E’s throughout the nation are facing closure because of the constant pressure put on them to provide adequate services. There is a clear overuse of services and A&E’s can’t cope with the amount of people coming through the doors everyday. I think that this is partly due to the lack of education on what you should go to A&E for. It’s in the name ‘accident and emergency’ yet it’s services are still being used for minor injuries like a cut finger when there are other units such as Minor Injuries Unit’s (MIU’s) that are available to treat smaller injuries such as wounds and broken bones. From the little research I have done and word-of-mouth from people’s thoughts on the matter, a lot of people don’t realise that there are other services available to use (other than A&E).

People using A&E for the wrong reasons is a huge problem so this will be our campaign: educate people on when A&E should be used for and what other units are available. We need to research facts on hospitals and GP surgeries, so things like: waiting times; beds available; availability for GP appointments; ambulance waiting times Рthis could be another angle on educating people of when they should call an ambulance; what exactly A&E is used for/when you should go and what other units are available.



Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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