Research in potential idea

Over the weekend, we all researched into facts on pieces of work. I looked into facts on mental health. Mental health, particularly male suicides, is such a huge topic and there is so much to talk about within the topic. The statistics are actually terrifying and it would be a huge topic to cover in our work. It’s also a topic that a lot people are effected by so it would be something that we would have to be really careful in not being insensitive.

There are a lot of campaigns about mental going round at the moment – one of the main ones at the moment is the Man Up campaign to reducing to the risk of male suicides. Because of how many there are, I don’t want our’s to be the same as everyone else’s because then we’re not fulfilling the brief. One of the main issues with people not speaking out about their mental health is that they’re worried about what people will think. There is a huge taboo with people that suffer are ‘weirdos’ when actually a huge amount function everyday with life and it’s just something extra to deal with when you wake up in the morning. There aren’t many campaigns out there that focus on the person suffering just saying straight up ‘it gets better’ – most campaigns I’ve seen are just educating what mental health issues there are and how it’s ok to speak out. If we were to choose this idea, I think that this would be a good angle to go in because it’s slightly different to others already out there, however, I don’t know if it is strong enough to cut through the noise of other campaigns.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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