Neil Hubbard – Heatherwick Studio

The work that Heatherwick produce is complete unique to norm architecture. They design and build structures that I didn’t realise could even exist. They push the boundaries of shape and form that I never even realised was possible. Throughout the presentation, Hubbard gave advice for the way we work:

  • Read the brief
    • find a problem to solve
    • choose where you want to spend your value – there may be a small budget but you can design small then create a centre point
    • find new from old
  • The inspiration is all you need
    • work with what the country use – for example, they build a university building for a university in Singapore and it built it entirely out of concrete which is a material that they wouldn’t necessarily just use in the UK; different countries have different ways of doing things
  • Know your context
    • take you inspiration from the context it is in
  • Zoom in/zoom out
    • design part of it, see how it fits with the context, go back and redesign, see how it fits with the context, go back, etc…
    • attention to detail
  • not just an idea THE idea
    • phrase/name can give you inspiration
    • avoid cliche
    • DISCUSSION – create idea
  • Review of your work is important
    • if it’s wrong, fix it

Examples of work shown in the presentation:


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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