Intro to Project

Design as Activism

Field group: Ellie, George, Simeon

To begin with, we discussed ideas of what we can base our work on. Possible ideas are:

  • rebranding the NHS/A&E to show the lack of funding and to campaign against the closures of A&E’s
  • promoting art in schools and to educate what a career in the arts can mean
  • campaign against the lack of funding of arts within schools
  • raise awareness on suicides, more specifically male suicides
  • showcase the lack of services available within schools for people with mental health issues
  • lack of funding for people suffering with mental health within the NHS so more people are resulting to self-harming, instead of getting the help they need

The ideas we have talked about, we all feel passionate about at least one of them. I think it’s important to really believe in the idea were going to do work on because then we can create work to the best of our ability. The education campaign of mental health, particularly with preventing male suicides and getting better services within schools, is a topic I feel really strongly about because of personal experience.

All of these ideas can link in many ways but with the brief being to create a 60-second animation, we need to specify on an idea. Research is a really important part of the brief so we all said that for the next couple of days we will research the ideas, finding facts and information on each, then on Friday, we’ll share the information we have collected and then make a decision from then on which idea to choose – this will probably be the idea we have the most information on.



Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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