All of our work was displayed together ready for presentation to the other groups:


Final work:

  • My work: zine narrating the story
  • Dan: designed and created the cover for the zine
  • Elizabeth: screen prints demonstrating the battle within the war
    2 of her screen prints were also included in the zine
  • Aiden & Beki: illustrated scenes from the text
    – Aiden’s work: ‘BANG’ and ‘Church’ poster
    – Beki’s work: 3 black/grey/brown/purple illustrations
  • Izzy: 2 posters inspired by the Nationalist propaganda
    – Transition between Thomas’ feelings towards war before and after he fought
  • Naomi: an animation of his feelings towards the war
  • There are also red and white screen prints you’ll see to the right of the image; I don’t actually know the name of the girl who did these and didn’t realise she was in our group until a day before the presentation.

Looking at all the work, I think that as a collection it all works really well and you can tell it’s from the same group. We all kept to a minimal colour scheme using mainly red and yellow as colours (in keeping with Spain’s flag) and black; this definitely helped to keep the work similar and make it part of a group. Though we all worked individually, I think that our work came together really well. We kept in contact regularly through a Facebook chat, where we shared with each other what we were doing and discussed ideas for what to do next. I’d say we were all successful in working together as a group, we were all confident in what our role for the group was and completed a final outcome which I think shows we worked well.

There were problems with working as a group (as there always is). There was a problem towards the beginning as none of us were in uni the same times so it was hard to keep track of what we were all doing. Aiden also joined the group quite late so we had to give him a job to do because we had already decided what we were doing as a group and it would have been quite hard to incorporate new ideas if he had something else to bring to the table; it was easy enough for him to fit into the group though and the illustrations he produced were brilliant to have in the body of work. Obviously theres another issue of the fact there was another girl in the group which we didn’t know about and because she wasn’t involved in our group discussions and on the group chat, I didn’t know what she was creating. I really like the prints she created and it ended up working really well with what else we all made but it would have been nice for her to be involved with the rest of the group. Other than the issues raised, this project has been really successful and I’ve really enjoyed making the zine.

We were quite a big group which worked well for us but I think in terms of looking into future projects, I would like to work in a group again but perhaps not quite so many people. I like working with other people with different skills to me because you can learn news things and the collaboration within work can be really fun. In the next project, that’s something I would definitely like to do. Though we collaborated as a group in this project, it was more based on collaborating our ideas rather than working together on one piece of work. In the next project, I’d like to try working with someone else but actually create work together. I’ve collaborated with people before (usually just as a pair) in projects I did on my college course and the work I’ve produced has probably been my best pieces of work. One thing that can frustrate me with group work is that sometimes you can end up with people that don’t work as hard as you or don’t feel the need to, but working with someone that has the same mindset of working as you – but slightly different skills – is exciting because you end up bouncing of each other’s ideas to produce some amazing work.



Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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