Finished Zine

Today we all met up in the studio and presented our final outcomes. Dan had the finished front cover printed off and Elizabeth had created a series of screen prints to chose form for the zine. I really liked Elizabeth’s screen prints; the style she had made them in was similar to how I had created my screen printed typography. She had made several in all different colours and were images of battle scenes in the war. I chose two to use in the zine, one which was black and red and the other was black and broken up in the pieces. I used them at points in the zine where it was descriptive of the battle so that it would work well. Dan’s front cover worked really well with the zine because of the black and white colours used and the way he illustrated Frank Thomas – it linked well with screen printing.

Overall, I think the zine works well it narrating the story and I feel that I have successfully completed the brief:

“The brief requires research in reading and interpreting the text and also investigation in to  the modernist art and graphic design style of the time, specifically around the Spanish Civil War political ephemera. Consider especially the nuances and differences between the imagery of the right wing Nazi and Nationalists and the Left wing Republican, Communist and Anarchist posters.”

I used my research into posters and typography of that time to make informed choices in how to make each page. Writing in calligraphy is keeping with the hand written type of that time as well as using screen printing. I wanted it all to be hand made because design in the time of the Spanish Civil War would have used little technology. If I had more time on this project, one thing I would do is work on refining my piece. Though I like the hand-made aesthetic to my work I think it could have been executed more professionally. Instead of using tracing paper, I could have used acetate instead which is thicker and more durable so would ripped or crumple like tracing paper does. I could also keep the number of materials to a minimum – so say just use acetate and the same card – this would all be even amounts of materials and would keep it the same size instead of the paper all being uneven sizes. Despite all these changes I could make, I’m really happy with what I’ve made along with the collaboration with Dan and Elizabeth for the cover and screen printed images.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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