Mini Zine

Composition & Narrative

I’d got to a point with my experiments where I needed to decide exactly what I was going to write, on what pages and in what order. I thought that the best way to do this would be to create a mini-zine with everything written on it.

I know that the idea of layering opaque and translucent paper worked so I used that in this plan to decided what text was going on what paper. When doing this, I also decided that I wanted to include the two images that were in text of Frank Thomas. The image of him shooting was his ‘tiny taste of fame’ so I will include that story of him in zine just before his has his near death experience and realised war isn’t what he thought it was. The other image is of him when he’s an old man and I thought it would be nice to use that image at the end of the zine with some quotes of him looking back on the war after fighting in it for a year.

The story of Frank Thomas is about how he goes from this young, brave man wanted to fight for adventure and glory, he really wanted to do what he thought was right; then after fighting in this treacherous war, he realises that it isn’t anything that he always thought it was and begins to resent it. All he ever wanted was to be recognised and praised for being this big war hero that was always presenting to him in novels and film as he was growing up, but after risking his life many a times and getting none of the recognition he deserved he realised that war was nothing he thought it to be. It’s a sad story and I want to show this transition between thinking war is all glory to him sitting back and resenting it.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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