Group: Frank Thomas

Group discussion

Field group: Izzy, Naomi, Dan, Beki and Elizabeth

In the group there are 3 graphic designers, 2 illustrators and 1 animator. We all began discussing what our initial thoughts were that we wanted to do. I want to make a zine, Izzy wanted to make posters, Naomi wanted to create an animation, Dan had an idea of making a book cover and the 2 illustrators wanted to illustrate a scene. We decided that for the first week it would be best to all work individually because we all wanted to research a bit more on design and art of that time and not all of us had read the Frank Thomas text in enough detail. We set out to all carry out our own research and to begin experimenting with ideas of what to make. Then, on Monday when we were all timetabled to be in uni, we would show each other what we all had and discuss what to do next.

Even though we’re all working individually, everything we create needs to be submitted for exhibition as one piece of work under Frank Thomas. So on Monday, we want to look at each others work and decide what colours/textures/etc work best and make a plan of action for the rest of the week then to make the final pieces. We all decided that we would work in the studio together everyday next week so that we can see what each other is doing so we’re not going too off-track. We also have a group chat, so we will all be posting our development of the pieces we are making throughout the week on their so we can all give feedback.



Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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