Group critique

Wed 7th Dec

Last day of term

During these session, we all had a chance to look at each others work. Everyones pieces were amazing and it was great to see how so many people had taken the same brief and information and interpreted it different. I really liked the different design approaches people had used. We all had similar problems with fitting the text on the pages, especially with Jessica Walsh since her interview was really big, so it was interesting to see how people had tackled the problem.

We all got into pairs where we then critiqued each others work. We were critiqued on the follow graphic systems: hierarchy – balance, contrast and path for eye – pace; type detailing; consistency and ambition/play. Below was what was said:


I was glad to have got some positive feedback. George who critiqued my work was also part of the group tutorial we had on Monday so it was good to see that he liked the changes I had made to it. One of the main things that was said about one of my draft booklets was that they didn’t like how ‘Jessica Walsh’ was written on the double-page spread but George much preferred how I had placed it this time; though he did say it might have worked better at the top of the page instead of the bottom which I would probably agree in terms of making it more eligible it’s Jessica Walsh’s article. One of the main points of criticism was that my ephemera lacked creativity, which when you compared it to the work other students have done, I would definitely agree. However, what I would say mine has that maybe the more ‘creative’ ephemera’s don’t, is a clear grid system and path for eye. I spent a lot of time making sure my text was placed correctly, was using the correct type size and that the images/name titles/etc were in correlation with the body text. I also made sure that there was a good amount of white space to give a break from the writing, so that for the reader, it was easy to read. I’ve learned a lot about using the graphic systems correctly and because of these things, I would say thats what makes my design good and contemporary.

So far, this has been my favourite project we done because I’ve been able to really develop my skills on InDesign and learn a lot about graphic systems. It’s also been really good to take everything we have been taught throughout the first term and develop it into one final outcome.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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