Printed Version

Tues 6th Dec

Take One

I re-read the brief and realised that the booklet had to be printed in colour so I stuck with my original colour idea of yellow and printed out my final version.

It was great to see my final outcome printed properly as a booklet since I was so used to seeing it on screen. I think the yellow works really well as it helps make the design stand out. Though I think the design is really bold and stands out anyway, I think the yellow helps look strong. My one worry with choosing yellow was that it would be too bright and you wouldn’t want to read the text but it doesn’t do that at all, which I’m really happy about.

Annoying, I cut of the bleed on the pages and binding them together with thread perfectly, then I tried to even out the long edge and completely ruined it. The guillotine isn’t the greatest so it made the edge flared which meant I would need to print it again.

Take Two

I printed the same leaflet out again and spent a lot more time cutting it on the guillotine to get the alignment right. After binding it up together, it doesn’t quite align right again as the ends are all different sizes. If I printed it again, I think it would be better idea to cut with a ruler and scalpel.

Tutor feedback:

  • few orphans on lines
  • rag is off on some paragraphs
  • too big a paragraphs for Morag – indent beginning?
  • back cover: keep logos with information, not separate to it


  • take on tutor feedback and add final touches to booklet
  • I noticed that the month on the front page is different to the month of all the lectures for the designers so I will need to change that
  • print with a different printer – not good quality

Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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