Final Adjustments

Mon 5th Dec

After researching the designers, I had an idea to design each page inspired by a visual element of the designers, but I think with what I’m creating right now, I really like it and I like the consistency in it so I don’t want to start changing the design. Especially after the feedback from the group tutorial and I have little to tweak with it.

The main criticism was that there wasn’t a consistency with how the black background was placed on the designers pages. I was told to have all the designers name titles with a black background and white text – like I had done for a few of them already – so that it was the same throughout it all. Once I’d done this, there was a huge improvement with the eligibility and you read the designers pages.





Another main point was that on the double-page spread of Walsh’s page, the way Jessica Walsh wasn’t in consistency with the rest of the booklet. Instead of having a massive name overpowering the whole article, I stuck to just have a her title in a small black box in the corner of the page. I feel like though its small, its still bold enough that you can see it links with the previous title page of Jessica Walsh. Another thing I had noticed about her page was that the questions were in black instead of grey like all the other designers pages so I changed that too.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 21.52.30.png

Final ephemera: designboomfinal

To do next:

  • print final copy!
    • one on coloured paper, one on white – to choose between the two
  • cut off outer blank lines once its been printed before binding



Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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