Draft 5

Sun 4th Dec

After taking another look at Oded Ezer and Jessica Walsh’s spread, I found that have a walk background for most of the pages was too overpowering and it took attention away from Walsh’s page, so I swapped it round and have Walsh’s page as black instead. This made a huge difference visually as Ezer’s page was still strong but it sat evenly against Walsh’s page so neither overpowered each other in terms of hierarchy.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 21.06.11.png

Then for Walsh’s double-page spread, I needed to make sure it still flowed and looked like it was from the same article so I change the colour of the title for a black background instead of grey.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 20.24.27.png

I liked how with Walsh’s title page the black background worked as a box around her writing, so next I started experimenting with how I could include a this design element in all of the designers pages so that there was a consistency throughout. Just by added that element into all the pages, I found that it made them a lot stronger and I was happy that I could see a clear design element running through the pages.

Front cover

My original front cover, had just the logo and the information quickly written on the page – it was a very rushed page. I didn’t want to spend too much time designing the cover until I was confident with the design of the pages inside. Since I was happy with the black-box background as a consistent theme throughout the ephemera, I stuck with that for the front cover. To me, ‘Super 7 Design Festival’ is the most important part on the front cover since it is the name of what is going on, so I had a black background with white writing for that piece of text, then positioned the rest of the text around it on the white background. When I positioned the rest of the text, I was thinking about hierarchy and how I wanted the reader to read it. I chose to have ‘celebrating the best…’ underneath ‘super 7’ as it wasn’t as important as the title but fitted well with it since it’s describing what the festival is. With the information of the where/when the festival is, I had that placed opposite the other text as it’s just as important but I felt it was separate to it. Finally, the company name designboom, I sat that at the top of everything but because of the ‘super 7’ on a black background, designboom doesn’t stand out too much with it in black writing.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 21.28.34.png

Back page

The back page was really simple to make, I stuck with what I originally had – logo’s at the top, info at the bottom – but had a black and white split to keep with the theme of the booklet.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 21.28.43.png

To see all pages click here: designboom


At this point, I felt like I’d pushed the design as much as I could – without feedback from others – printing it out to see what it looked like on paper. Unfortunately, my printer decided to run out of blank ink towards the end of printing so for a couple of the pages it wasn’t printed probably but it’s still slightly eligible and most the pages printed fine which is good.

I wanted to bind the book together too just to see what the final piece would look like. It was simple to bind together with just a needle a thread. I did think about for the final piece, to bind together with a hard cover – like we were taught in the book binding workshop – but since it’s supposed to be a temporary piece of ephemera, there would be no point spending time creating a hard cover.

I liked it printed on the white paper but I will print it on coloured paper too – as it says in the brief. Designboom’s colour on their website is yellow so I will stick to that theme and print on yellow paper.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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