Agouti Motor Sport

Thurs 1st Dec

Thanks to a good friend of mine I had my first commissioned piece of work! Earlier yesterday morning I had something ring me asking if I could draw up a logo for his company that needed to be done by Friday afternoon to be sent to the printers. I had no creative input into the logo itself, I just had to draw it onto Illustrator.

He’d already drawn it in Photoshop, had decided on the colours but just needed a few adjustments to it. This was the logo he had designed:


The coloured part was the main logo then he wanted ‘AGOUTI MOTOR SPORT’ – name of company – written underneath.

It was a complex draw to do on Illustrator but it was good practice with the tools on the programme. Once I drawn it and sent it to him it was then back-and-fourth with messages of things he wanted to change:


First I sent him these two – one with black outlines and one without. He didn’t like where the writing was placed and wanted it underneath, stretching out the length of the logo. He also wanted the colours a lot lighter, the white changed to a grey and the ends of the lines to be a straight-edge. He didn’t like the centre piece inside the triangle so that needed to be taken out too.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 17.14.20.png

He then told me that the lines didn’t line up so I then had to go through the entire logo checking they lined up – they did. However, there was 5 rows in 2 of the lines but only four in the other so I had to go through taking out two lines so that it was all even.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 17.49.46.png

This was the final logo I gave him, which he was really happy with – but his manager was not. Even though the entire logo was there design and I was getting feedback from them each step of creating it, there was then a big issue that the look and colours were all wrong. By this point, I’d spent 2 hours already on it and since I wasn’t being paid, I told him I couldn’t go any further with it unless I was paid again.

The next morning, I had a message from him again, asking if I could draw a new logo up for him that his manager had drawn. This was it:


There was several alterations he wanted and he wanted a variety of colours. This design was a lot easier to draw up on Illustrator. Here were the variations:

His favourite was the blue/black variation. He didn’t want the ‘agouti’ in stripes only the motorsport and he wanted to change how the colour was on the triangular shape. He sent me this to follow:



After seeing this, he decided he wanted the ‘agouti’ in black.


I then sent him this back which he then wanted another alteration. He wanted the triangle to be pushed down so it was equal and for the ‘AGOUTI’ to be the same size as the triangle.


This is the final logo I sent him which he and his manager was happy with.

I was happy to get a bit of industry experience though my first experience wasn’t the greatest since for the 2 hours I spent drawing both the logos, I had constant phone calls and messages throughout to make sure I was doing it right. The logo was for a motorsport company who race mini’s on racetracks, which he said has the potential to go big. Personally, I think the logo looks like it’s made for a tyre company, but hey, what do I know? I just study graphic design.





Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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