Research Into Designers

Tues 29th Nov

I had looked at the designers work briefly but I wanted to research the designers properly to help develop my designs further.

Eike Koenig

  • Berlin-based; founder and director of design studio Hort – est. 1994
  • “Conceptual, emotional, visual” approach to design.


  • Strong, bold letterforms
  • Expressive typography
    • repetition of words
    • follows different paths on the page
    • different scales
    • backward/upside down/etc letters
    • really experimental
    • a lot of b&w
  • political work
  • I like that you really have to read his work to know what it says – rather than just looking at it
  • looks like graffiti – uses spray paint in a lot of his work
  • smiley face emoji with spray paint
    • seems to be signature thing?
  • Example of previous lecture poster he gave:
    • standard b&w body text; spray painted over it – looses part of the information underneath


  • Include spray painted writing to link to artists work
    • Find something/an aesthetic the designer uses within their work
      • use this design element on their information page within the booklet

Instagram/twitter: @eikekoeing

Morag Myescough

  • UK designer
  • produces huge design work – cafes; bars; chairs; pillows; typography on objects


  • bright colours
  • shapes:
    • patterns
    • uses objects to makes shapes, e.g. tape around scaffolding
    • happy
  •  illustrative type
    • 3D letters
    • shapes inside letters
    • uses patterns to make letterforms
    • heavy weight and large scale of letters
      • words feel like they’re shouting
  • really expressive in colour and dimension
  • doesn’t let space limit her work
  • more installation pieces but working within a space
  • love the colours
  • really like the illustrative text
  • space isn’t an issue for her
  • pattern is important in her work

Design element on her page:

  • patterns over it
    • over image or text or both?
  • 3D text for her name title

Instagram/twitter: @moragmyerscough

Oded Ezer

  • Graphic artist and typographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel


  • weird
  • repetition of images and type
  • more imagery than type?
  • his typography work is a lot more interesting than his images
  • his piece: TIPOCRIATURAS EXHIBITION (2011)
    • science with typography
    • really illustrative
    • experimental
    • calligraphy
    • 3D
  • images within typography
  • (not a massive fan of his work)

Design element on his page:

  • repeat the image of himself
  • OR calligraphy/illustrated name title

Twitter: @odedezer

Jessica Walsh

  • Designer, director, teacher and partner at NYC-based design firm Sagmeister & Walsh


  • bright colour
  • strong shapes
  • composition is really important
  • pattern
  • querky, abstract, pushes boundaries with imagery
  • more photography than type
  • a different light on politics
    • strong concept and ideas but shown in a comical way
  • bold contrast in colours
  • strong dynamics in colours
  • out-of-the box
  • makes you question whats going on
  • I found her interview really motivational and helpful in advice for the future

Design element on her page:

  • would have liked to use colour but since I can’t, could use bold shapes and grey-scale instead
  • may struggle to have her on just 2 pages as a lot of text
  • could edit her image in bold, contrast, print-effect (like her work)

Instragram/twitter: @jessicawalsh


  • Rob Gonzales and Jonathan Quainton
  • Founders of London-based studio Sawdust


  • modern
  • primarily typography
    • expressive
    • incredible shapes to make letterforms
  • combination of 3D and 2D letters/work
  • slik/clean look
  • done work for a huge variety of brands
  • pattern
    • for the background or as part of the typography
  • photography – strong form of shapes
  • huge variety of how letterforms etc. are placed on the page or created
    • different depending on each client
  • I like how all their work is different for each client they’ve done work for
  • They have a combination of different styles which I like because all their work is different and completely individual

Design element on their page:

  • I wouldn’t say their work follows a particular theme so its hard to pick a graphic strategy for their page
  • I would definitely describe their work as slik and individual though, so I’m going to focus on creating a dynamic, perhaps minimalist, approach to the design

Instagram/twitter: @sawduststudio

Veronica Fuerte

  • Hey Studio, Barcelona
  • Specialises in brand identity, editorial design and illustration


  • mostly brand identity and posters
  • dynamic shapes
  • combination of colours
  • illustrations as well as brands: combination of that and typography
  • bold, strong letterforms
  • a lot of pattern
  • so many aspect to look at in the design
    • often busy designs but uses white space well
  • worked for so many different kinds of clients
  • theme of using a pattern or shape in each piece
  • I like all the different kinds of designs: billboards, infographics, magazines
  • They have a clear style but its been adapted differently for each client

Design element on her page:

  • theme of using a pattern or shape in each piece, e.g. lines along the page

Instagram/twitter: @heystudio

Felix Pfaeffli

  • Swiss Graphic Designer and illustrator
  • works under the name “Feixen”


  • combination of: black and colours; typography; pattern; imagery
  • a lot of overlaying of text
  • bold text
  • expressive and illustrative
  • uses a lot of different weights of text in the same poster; makes you read it differently
  • on his companies instagram you can see a really experimental approach to making his work
    • mark-making
    • painting
    • 3D spaces
  • his posters can be quite abstract
    • text morphing together
    • one continuous line
    • writing out the word; spanning all around the page
  • theres a pop art style to his work too with the bright colours and shapes and abstract photography

Design element on his page:

  • one thing about his work is his abstract approach to composing his text and images on the poster
  • I don’t want to make his page look too abstract but I will definitely think about a more individual approach when designing his page

Instagram/twitter: @studiofeixen


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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