Expressive Type and Format

Tues 29th Nov

Expressive Typography

  • scale: pitch – conveying how its said
  • repetition

Typographic conversations

  • addding
  • subtrcting
  • mulitmulitplying
  • div   id   ing
  • visually displaying language

Pace and tone

  • show conversation

Overlaying information

Illustrative typography – playful system

How is that person speaking?

The following images are work that was shown within the lecture. I really like the different combinations of how text was displayed on the page and thought it would be a good source of imagery to help with inspiration for my ephemera. My favourite is the work of the overlaying text, in previous work I’ve done I’ve overlayed words which I really like doing because I like the overall aesthetic of it and I like how it can show some interesting shapes. Seeing an example of this on what looks like an leaflet, has made me think of the possibility of doing this in my printed ephemera – it’s definitely something I will experiment with.


– Listen to 3x voice recordings of Stephen Fry

– Using A1 paper, paintbrush and ink

– Visually displaying how the phrases were spoken

Group paintings:


My paintings:

The workshop was really interesting as you had to really listen to what was being said to know how to paint the letters. I did mine quite bit and used a combination of ways to write it to show the deepness in his voice. He said some words quite long so I used repetition.

The next task was using one of the phrases, make a zine and write the phrase in there in the same way as the big paintings; expressing how the words are said. I chose to have a folding zine and focused on the composition of each word on the zine to express the way it’s said.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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