Design Ideas

Sun 27th Nov

After researching into some previous examples of ephemera, I began sketching ideas for my ephemera and designing the page. First of all I focused on designing the front cover because I struggle to think how I could design the designers pages without seeing how the text fits on the page first (there is a lot of text for some of the designers).


The next point for me was to start getting the information onto the page on InDesign, I started with Eike Koenig, the first designer on the list. He doesn’t have a huge amount of text compared to the other designers so it was good to start playing around with composition on the page.


After printing out examples for Eike Koenig, I wanted to begin added design elements to make the page a lot more interesting but instead I decided to complete a draft of the entire booklet. When on InDesign, I found it difficult to think what to do with the text in terms of a design element when I didn’t actually know how the text looked on the page. The design throughout the ephemera should flow so I thought it best to make the entire booklet and print it out just to see how it looked on the page, then I could focus on the design of it.

Click link to see: designboom

This was a lot easier said than done. I found it really difficult placing all on the information on the 16 pages we have been allocated. Especially, with Jessica Walsh’s page; she has a lot of writing in her interview and the pages work out at 2 pages per artist but for Walsh I will need to use at least one more page to place the text on the page nicely. At the moment, it’s not pleasing on the eye and puts me off reading it.

  • I chose a typeface that was clear, square, easy-to-read
    • used a variety of fonts
    • bold and looks good on the page
  • had to keep the images small
  • I want to include quotes

My next point is to read through the draft and correct any spelling mistakes – I had noticed there were a few – and then begin designing the pages. I want to research all the designers to get an understanding of their practice and it could also help me with ideas for the design of their pages in the ephemera.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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