Narrative Workshop

Tues 22nd Dec

In the workshop we learned about the composition and narrative. We were shown work of two famous photographer Henri Cartier Bresson and Andre Kertez. The work took a different approach to a photograph. Composition was important as they both often photographed unusual angles – e.g. photographing the crowd rather than the what the crowd is looking at – leading to a suggested narrative and you as the viewer guessing what could be happening.

The workshop we did was to take an A1 sheet paper, divide it into 12 equal sections an then using a photograph we had been given, we had to image the moment in 12 different perspectives – drawing them on the paper.

Photograph I used:


Illustrated outcomes

In the end I only completed 9 outcomes but I tried to think of as many angles as possible when creating them. As we were drawing them, you could sees a narrative begin to a appear and that all came from a single photo. It was interesting to make a point of trying to draw a different angle not shown in the image as it’s something that you wouldn’t usually do when looking at a photograph.


I cut out the illustrations, and then we were asked to play around with different compositions to see what kind of narrative we could create with what we had drawn.

The next task was to create a book out of them. I chose my favourite composition and then made them to form a book. We didn’t have much time to do it in so it was quite a rushed book. We also had to named the book. Looking at the photo in the book it looked like a political rally and by the looks of what people were wearing they seemed like business men so I called it ‘Rally of the Richest’.

I really enjoyed this workshop today, definitely learned a new skill with how to look at an image with different compositions and how to begin a narrative. I like the book I have made, though it’s only rough illustrations, I think it could look really good if I refined it more. If I have time over the next couple of weeks I definitely want to develop this piece further.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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