Book Binding Workshop

Mon 21st Nov

This afternoon, we had a book binding workshop. Before this, I had done a bit of book binding before but not the kind that we were shown today. We were taught how the make a hard-back A5-sized notebook. It was a great process to learn, definitely a lot easier than I thought it was going to be and something I will look forward to doing again in the forward.


  1. First, we had to split up a piece of A2 paper into 4 sheets of A4. You did this by folded the paper with a bone folder then cut it with a shoe knife. Using the bone folder again, I then folded the paper in half so that I was left with 4 A5-sized folded paper.

2. Once folded all the paper, next the next step was to sew it all together. Putting all the folded paper inside each other and going over the bend with the bone folder, I then marked 3 points on the inside page. Two outer points being a cm a half in and then 3rd being the middle point between the two out points.


3. After making the points on the paper, using the awl I pushed through the paper to make holes. Then began sewing the pages together, starting from the outside-in, created a loop around the bind through the holes.

4. After binding the pages together, it was time to make the cover for the book. Using grey board, I measured it out so that it was the same shape as the booklet but a few mm bigger around the edges and then cutting this out using a craft knife.

5. Next, it was time to stick the book together. Book cloth is used to make the bind of the book. It needed to be a bigger than the length of both the grey board pieces put together and the about half the size of one grey board in width. After cutting out the book cloth, I then measured it against the grey board ready to stick it down, ensuring there was a gap between the hard covers for the bind of the booklet to go in.

6. After sticking the grey board to the book cloth, the next step was using coloured card for in the inside, to stick the booklet to the board so that it was a complete book. Folding an A4 piece of card, I stuck one side to the grey board and other side to the booklet – for each side of the booklet.

7. Finally, a completed book!




Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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