Robert Mosse

Fri 18th Nov

When created my work for the image series project, there was a photography that we were shown in our constellation lecture, that I was reminded by when making my piece.

Robert Mosse is a photographer who uses an infrared camera that captures the chlorophyll in flora that results in the vegetation being pink in the image. In his piece, Infra, he uses this to capture the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, resulted in really beautiful landscapes of such tragedy of war. The pink makes the images seem really beautiful and detracts you in what you’re really seeing.

With my work, I was using images of vegetation that were taken using a normal camera, then changing the hue/saturation so that they were pink/purple colours. The idea of using a different photographic technique in photos is really similar to how I’ve edited my image as I’ve taken a photo of something really relatable to Geography, but just by changing the colour slightly, it still has that same link to Geography but it’s not as obvious and it does change the meaning.



Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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