Tues 15th Nov

We were given a project brief today to work to design a multi-panel composition that indicates either a collaboration or a journey.

The inspiration for this project was from David Hockney’s “joiners” which are multi-panel compositions that bring images to life. The overlaying and jumbled composition of several images show a movement or sequence within the page, giving a different dimension to just a plain photograph. Hockney’s work below.

DH scrabble+socks.jpg






I worked in a pair to take photos then we both did our own outcomes for the project. We chose to do ‘journey’ as we came up with a few things we could do for you, for example: walk across a road; walking round a corner and a moving car. We photographed all those things then began editing them.

I chose to use the image of the car as I thought I’d be able to get some interesting shapes with it. I got an interesting composition to show it moving away but I looked odd on the page. I decided to start using different edits to show parts of the car more prominent than others. I got some really interesting colours and effects by doing this so I started to push it even more and change the colours of the background. I thought this gave it a more dynamic look and a lot different to how Hockney created his work.

Final image


I chose this as my final image because I like the black on the red. It looks like screen prints with the block of black colour over the page. Though there is a lot of black – look at it now I think there is perhaps bit too much unintentional black colour in the middle – you still see a lot of detail within the cars and it shows the gradual transition across the page. I chose to have the top image as the photo of the full length car and it a more realistic form to show the movement towards that point of the photo.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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