Image week 2b

New project brief:

The brief is exactly the same as the previous brief except there are specific size dimensions to follow. Since this brief is so similar to the original brief I will move straight onto this one and focus on producing two series of images (what the brief asks; must have 4 images for each).

Size dimensions:

Set 1

  • 1400 x 200 mm – portrait
  • 280 x 40 mm – landscape
  • 100 x 55 mm – portrait
  • 55 x 40 mm – landscape

Set 2

  • 1400 x 20 mm – landscape
  • 280 x 40 mm – portrait
  • 100 x 55 mm – landscape
  • 55 x 40 mm – portrait



Bartender short course

I research what short course are out there and a lot of places do summer bar courses. Having worked on a bar I thought this would be quite a fun idea to play with. I plan to go into a pub and take photos of behind the bar. Also, I will do a photoshoot of a person wearing clothes that you could associate with a bartender.



I was struggling for a good enough idea to pick for my second idea but since my piece of India and my idea 1 are quite fun and playful ideas I decided to go with Geography for something a bit more academic. In Cardiff we’re surround by foliage and there’s loads of cycle paths and walk-ways so I can take images of the natural landscape but also the urban landscape too. Photographing objects like maps and walking boots would work for this idea too.




Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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