Image project: part 2

Tues 8th Nov


Series of image; exploring graphic strategies that will group them stylistically even when content varies

Design two sets of images that will be used to promote summer courses for 18/19 year olds. (Choose a topic of interest.)

The images will be used to decorate information sheets and suggest the courses are interesting, well thought out and will be a positive experience

Do not need to contain information/content of the course.

  • choose two topics
  • design of set of images for each (3 minimum)
  • variety of shapes within each set
  • find a graphic strategy that will group each set of images – show they’re within the same brand

Use own photographs where possible.




Dada was a cultural movement originated in Switzerland (founder: Hugo Ball, writer) – spreading to Europe and USA. It was anti-war politics and began as a negative reaction to the horrors and folly of the war. It was also an anti-art movement; they wanted to break away from traditional art aesthetics. They created writings and protest materials that were handed out in gatherings and protests. Its influences were: abstraction; expressionism; cubism and futurism. Dada then self-destructed when it was in danger of becoming “acceptable”.  I like what it stands for and how the movement began.

Hannah Hoch was an artist for DaDa and created much of what DaDa’s work is known for. It’s weird, unusual; it’s such abstract collage and quite confusing too but I really like it. It engages you to really look at the image rather than just see it for what you may think you see it as at a first glance. She includes a lot of different context in her images but they weirdly still flow. The images I’ve picked have quite feminine themes and focus on features like jewellery and high heels. The image that particularly stands out to me is where the man has a bug on his head and is pointing at the body of a woman stood on a record player. Thinking about the time at which this work of art was shown it looks like she is showing how the man is objectifying the woman in her tight clothing and bare legs and the large face of a woman’s expression on top of the body could show her reaction to the pointing man.

There’s so much context within her work and so much you can talk about which is kind of what I want to do in some of my images. I like the presentation of collage and how you can tell a story within the combination of many images without actually using any words. For one of my ideas I’m going to use collage as I like how you can make so many different shapes and stories just by combining a few images.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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