New project: Image

Mon 31st Oct

Beginning of project: photoshop workshop

Throughout the next couple of weeks, I will do a screen printing workshop. For this we need an image to transfer onto the screen so in this workshop we were shown how to edit our photo’s for it to be correct for the print.

After choosing my image, we were told we had to change them to grayscale as only image will be transferred onto the screen – no colours – so the image would have to be appropriate so that it would print properly. We were then shown a few different tools to use to change the brightness/density/texture/etc of the image. I’ve used photoshop quite a bit but I was shown a few different tools which was cool. We created 4 different layouts and to play with different effects then experimented with what it would be like combining them all.

(Description of each image at the bottom of each photo).


Chosen image: this is an image a took a few months ago in my stepdads workshop. I chose this image because I think it would work well on a screen as there’s a lot of different shades and strong contrasts between dark and light.


Turning image into grayscale.


Adjusting the pixels: gives a really nice effect – on this one I made the pixels larger so that they were visible in the image. This is how it would transfer onto the screen which would work well as a print.


Choosing from the filter gallery: began experimenting with the different effects that you can give an image by using the filter gallery. Apparently, giving these kind of effects works well when printing it with the screen. There’s so many and I really liked what it did to the image.


Combining the layers: once choosing effects for each layer I then tried to combine them; adjusting the opacity and different effects to the brightness/transparency of the photo. The outcome was a variation of brightness and a combination of loads of different shapes.


Final image: I like the combination of the layers and how it looks like a double images. I think the combination of the normal and pixelated image work really well together and give different depths to it. I think this will work well as a screen printed, but, then again I’m not sure if there is too much going on.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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