Photo week: Cardiff in Photo

Tues 25th Oct

*Meet at Cardiff Castle at 9:30am*

Our task today was to, in groups, photograph parts of cardiff that represented the following themes:

  • Greenest of gems
  • CuriosCITY
  • Theatre of Dreams
  • Biggest small city

We started thing of ideas for each one before we began photographing. ‘Greenest of gems’ could be the parks and the trees in and around Cardiff City – Cardiff is a big place yet all around it is this massive amount of green. On the Cardiff Castle in the middle of the city, there are tombstones of lions and for the ‘City of the Unexpected’ (an event held in Cardiff for the anniversary of Roald Dahl) there have been animals put on top of them – e.g. an owl, panda and a rabbit. These animals have a very curious look on there face so it would be an obvious choice to photograph them. For ‘Theatre of Dreams’ we thought about photographing the theatre but thought that was too obvious so decided to focus more on having Cardiff as the theatre so places like bars and clubs that have gigs and have things ‘happening’ for people to go to in Cardiff. The final one: ‘Biggest small city’ is quite a difficult one, but the thing with Cardiff it has quite a few back street, alley ways and arcades that look really small and not a lot going on from the outside but once you go in it’s a long stretch of different kinds of shops.

Below are a selection of the different images we took whilst walking round Cardiff:

Final images:

high resolution: image-presentation



Greenest of gems


Theatre of dreams


Biggest Small City


I really enjoyed this task of going round Cardiff and photographing different titles. Photography is something that I really enjoy doing and I do a lot in my spare time so it was great to begin taking photos within this course. I think the images we got, capture each theme really well. My favourite image is the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ as I like how it captures the vibrancy of the colours on the side of the walls. It would be really interesting to go back at night when the place is full of people to really capture the essence of what goes on down that street which is full of great bars and clubs.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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