Final type specimen poster

Submission of Word project: Monday 24th October

To include: Type Specimen, digitalised Modular Typeface and Letterpress outcome.

Palatino Type Specimenpalatinofinallll

Assessment date – Monday 24th October:

During the assessment, we were paired up with another person from the class to give each other feedback. The points Alfie – who I was paired with – said were: he really liked the ‘palatino’, it looks like a negative photogram; he liked the legibility of the name along with a creative layout; he liked the layout and hierarchy with a range of scale and bold lettering to make the alphabet stand out. Things he said to improve was to maybe change or get a vector of the ‘Iron Lady’ image, the black slightly interrupts the white section of the page. I completely agree with this improvement as I definitely think that the image stands out too much on the rest of the page and it would work a lot better in reverse or as a vector. I then had some feedback from the tutor, he agreed with the majority of what Alfie had said, though gave a few areas for improvement. He said that the part on the bottom would work better if it was moved to the side and the ‘Palatino’ was stretched out to filled the page. I have already experimented with this and did not like how it looks but I will go back and try other layouts. I feel that it works a lot better with the ‘established in..’ piece underneath as it makes the ‘Palatino’ stand out. Another point was that the text box was too big. It is written in 10pt but I had problems with the way it was printing so I need to go back and check the size of my document as I may have been working at a lot larger size. A final point I was told was that I need to do more experimenting – though I have experimented a lot in this project, I will go back and relook at my experiments to try other compositions.

Modular Typeface


Letterpress outcome

Since I was ill and unable to complete the letterpress workshop, I went back into the studio to create these. I tried to make the most of the materials to be experimental with the composition of type, layering the words on one page. I like the different textures you can get from letterpress and how if you continue to print without adding more ink, you can get different tones in the letters.



Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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