The Image World

Lecturer – Jonathan Clarke


Images can change how we think about things

e.g. Google Earth – several images, view the same thing in different ways

Mona Lisa

  • Artwork has aura
  • people travel to see it
  • magical moments
  • ‘magical’ piece of work: comparison to experience of visiting a religious pilgrimage
  • so much protection
  • many people want to see it – often disappointment as not a good as they expected – want more excitement

Have to make an effort to see artwork: no other way of seeing it; people devote a time in their life to go see it

Image is not the same as the thing itself – the image is a copy of the painting but not the painting

An image is always a translation.

Copies are not clones, every copy is unique.

Do we remember memory? Or remember a photograph of that memory?

Is the copy better than the original? – colouring photos can give a different meaning

The image comes to define the person rather than the person being the image.

Useful artists: Richard Mosse – takes image of landscapes and war and turns it into pink; uses an infrared camera


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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