Six Word Story

Sun 9th Oct

After spending a lot of time deciding on the composition of the poster, which types to use and how to make it, I was able to finish of the rest of the poster quite quickly. After creating the word ‘whizzpopping’ I used that as a basis for all the other letters. The majority of the letters are hybrids and I’ve combined upper case and lower case with different sizes of letters. It was quite hard with not being able to use colour to show the feel of The BFG so I used a combination of cases and sizes to help show the fun and happiness of the novel.  Since the six words are phrased as a question I made it so that the words were bendy to represent a bit of confusion as if you were asking the question yourself.

Once creating my final poster, I experimented with moving it around on the photocopier to make the letters bendy (like a previous experiment I had done with the word ‘whizzpopping’) reinforcing the fun and craziness of the novel and The BFG himself. I like the look of how one of the outcomes turned out, however, I’m not sure if it is too much like an image. Though, saying that, it is only time in it and because of the way its been copied it has placed cut up letters around the page as well as the full words so it is only letters involved – the only thing that could be perceived as imagery is the lines the letters have created after being spread around the page on the photocopier.

Both my final collage poster and my favourite photocopy experiment has been made in A4 (the brief states for it to be A3) so I will need to enlarge it. I will enlarge both posters and then make a decision as to which one to use as my final outcome for this project.

Examples of some of the pieces used to cut out the letters
Final original poster – collaged hybrids using cut-out letters. I like the combination of hybrids, upper and lower cases and the way the words bend. I’m happy with the outcome however one thing I would change is to use the page a bit more – so made the letters slightly larger. Having said that, if i did do that I think it would lose its composition and I like how the letters are formed.

See description on each image for annotations the posters.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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