Six Word Story

Tues 4th Oct

We had group tutorials where we all read out our six word stories and gave each other ideas on what we could say to make it better or how it could be written out.

I had quite a few ideas but in the end, I chose The BFG and to use: “Whizzpopping is forbidden among human beans?”. I think that out of all my ideas, this one captures the essence of The BFG the most and is actually based along the lines of a question he actually asks in the book. He’s always getting his words mixed up, refers to human beings as “beans” and uses a funny language saying words like ‘whizzpopping’. I could really play around with composition and hybrids with this story.

After deciding my story to use, I began brainstorming what I could do for each word and kinds of font I would want to use. For ‘whizzpopping’ the type and composition should be as whacky and fun as the word itself and the same for ‘beans’. I had an idea of having the type bendy and all squished together – maybe slightly confusing – so it really portrays it as a question. Whizzpopping, forbidden and human beans are the main words of the sentence so I will make these larger than the other 2 letters.

(Images below: ideas; sketching; experimenting; composition.)


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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