Fri 30th Sept

Prior to this workshop we were ask to research actions words for us to use.

The brief set for this workshop was:

“A hybrid is defined as being bad from two distinct races, breeds, varieties or species. For this project, you will be given the upper and lowercases of 2 typefaces, one serif and on san-serif. The object of this brief is to create a typographic hybrid, cutting individual letterforms and creating new forms using half of both the serif and the san-serif so that each letterform that you create will be a hybrid.”

So the idea was to use an action word – I chose nightmare – and to write it in a way that illustrated the meaning. Whilst creating the typographic hybrid we were think about: the tone of the word; appropriate case to use for the tone; mix of upper and lower case?; size and scale to convey tone and placement of letter to convey message.

Within this task, I had slightly misinterpreted the brief and so presented a final outcome that wasn’t exactly what was asked for. I began designing typefaces that were hybrids, however, they were drawn free-hand so weren’t traced from existing letterforms. Once realising I had gone wrong, I created another piece and traced letter forms but did one word as a sans-serif font and the other as a serif. From going wrong, I now fully understand what a hybrid is and I was told that because of the line within my work it was very much like an image, so in the future when creating hybrids, I need to let the type speak for itself.


Author: ellenreiddesign

First year Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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