3rd Year Degree Show

I really enjoyed looking around the 3rd years work and thought there was some really amazing projects in there. The three particular projects that stood out to were the ones below.


This piece was my favourite in the exhibition as I loved all the 3D illustrations alongside the illustrative type. The book was really interesting and enjoyable to look through and the overall display worked really well too.


“The War on Women”

I really liked the composition of this piece as it really stood out amongst a room full of work. The typography was so interesting to read and I thought that it was a powerful display of such an important topic.


“Real Men”

The imagery within this piece is so strong and I thought the composition of the posters next to the descriptions worked really well. I like how it tackled such an important topic and how the type worked alongside the photography.



Final Exhibition Piece / Updated “On Display”

For my exhibition piece, I chose to revisit my project I did for ‘On Display’. Using my formative feedback, I worked on improving the posters, stickers and animation as I decided this was what I wanted put in the exhibition. One main points of the feedback was that when I tried to create the sound of the accent through the writing of the type, I hadn’t quite got it right as the positioning of the letters weren’t in fitting with how you say th

e word so I worked on changing this. Personally when I looked at the work, I felt that the colours were too much so I reworked with just using two colours along with white and black. The typography was designed by myself however it’s obvious I was lazy when making it digital so I spent some time refining the type. I wanted the typeface to be how I thought best represented the language so my original aim was that I wanted to celebrate the energy of cockney slang. I continued with this aim but instead of having sole typography I felt that I needed to add more energy to the posters so I added an illustration of a silhouette and to have this across all the work as a gesture to someone shouting the words. I thought that though it was simple, it made the page more lively and almost as if it was making you think there was more to see since it was just a silhouette rather than an actual illustrated person. The whole aim of this exhibition was for it to be more like movement, all of the ephemera and animations would be placed around London along with the social media pages and website. The idea was create a noise to the exhibition, get people involved; finding out what it was about and inviting them down to see what it was but not to give too much information away. The trouble with this is that looking back at the work, I wasn’t giving away any information at all. Especially with the animation it gave no indication what the thing was actually about and I felt the animation wasn’t strong enough to get people to go look on social media and find out what it is. I revisited the animation, added more context and made it more lively by moving the text around more. I also took out the sound as I felt that it wasn’t adding anything to the piece. Overall I feel much happier with the outcomes I have created and definitely feel a lot more confident having this as a portfolio piece. The work that is in the exhibition is 4 posters, a leaflet, animation and stickers.

ADZ5888 Reflective Writing

Within field, I did the projects ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably (AYSC)’ in the first term and ‘Teaching Art & Design’ in the second term. I chose these topics because I wanted to try something completely different to my skillset and push myself within another area of Art & Design. The AYSC project (creating a chair), I found very challenging and was definitely out of my comfort zone for a lot of the work. I have never done anything to do with product design before so this was the first time I was making something 3D and there was the added pressure of creating the chair for a client which was the Associate International Dean of the school. The project was supposed to be done as a pair, so I was reliant on my partner to help however, unfortunately for me I ended up having to do the project on my own so this was a definite test of my perseverance, time management and how quickly I can learn new skills. Added to that, when making my chair the first model was completely wrong in terms of sizing so I had to re-size and re-cut another model. I definitely learned how to keep going when things go wrong and along with the skills I learned from making the chair, I’ve found this has already benefitting me within my subject work (for example I was able to use the laser cutter within creation of my penguin book cover). Despite the stress, I found that I really enjoyed doing 3D work and from learning how to use some of the tools in the workshop, I feel that this will come useful when it comes to progressing into the 3rd where I hope to be more ambitious with my projects.

With the teaching project, this is a career I hope to take up in the future so I wanted to do that course to see if that was the right choice for me. I was placed in a school in Cowbridge (along with 2 others) within the design and technology department for 4 weeks; I felt my skillset as a graphic designer may be useful here. I had the opportunity to teach a textile class which was nerve racking yet enjoyable because it was a weird situation to be in where children are relying on your knowledge but at the same time, a great feeling when you know you’ve taught them something. We had the opportunity to go spend some time within the art department which I found was incredibly inspiring. This part of the experience was one thing that really stood out to me because the children are all so experimental and excited about their work and I think that this excitement is sometimes lost when I create my work because I’m so concerned about deadlines and getting the work up to a high standard. However, I think that just enjoying it and being experimental with my materials, is something that I will definitely try to do more off in the future. We had the opportunity to show A-level students our work and as positive as that experience was because they seemed to enjoy listening about what we do, it was a shame to hear that not many of them wish to continue with art and design so I feel that more needs to be done to encourage it as a career choice. This has become a topic I’m really passionate about and is something in the future that could shape my work.

Overall I have found both field projects really valuable and it has made me more confident within my practice as a graphic designer. Particularly with the teaching, it’s made me realise what kind of designer I want to be and how I want to help encourage a career within art and design. As for AYSC this is a project where I have improved my skillset and has made me realise that I should push my future projects to be more ambitious so that I try new things.

Final outcomes:

Chair: Teithiwr
Combining the client’s international role within the university to create a chair inspired by his particular interests which he expressed, such as: favourite countries, hobbies and a beautiful mosque designed by the founder of UAE which is a favourite of his.

2. Poster: Teaching Art & Design
A reflective A2 poster discussing what I did within the placement and what I learned from that experience.


Presentation Reflection

Myself, Laura, Lily, Izzy and David all presented our work to the client; we’d each completed a separate brand. My presentation included: my brand name, ‘The REAL Collective’; my logo; colour schemes; posters; a website and letterheads. Whilst presenting, I felt that we all presented our ideas well and explained reasons for each design decision within our work. The client liked individual parts of our work and felt that our designs combined would be a potential idea for the brand. I thought that I explained my ideas behind the work well however, in future I should practice before presenting as I felt that my mind went blank and I did not say all of what I wanted to. We had 2 meetings with the client before we had to present our final pieces which I felt was reflected within the final work. The client had also said how impressed she was that we were able to change our work from her feedback in such a short space of time. Specifically with my work, she liked my website as she said it was the most user friendly out of what everyone had done. She also liked how I’d used the word collective and as a group, we’d all used the word empower which she liked. Overall, I enjoyed this project and felt it was beneficial to have a live client brief. She was very vague with what she wanted so we all found quite difficult as we had to go with what we thought would be best for the brand. In hindsight, it may have been more beneficial to work together and produce the brand as a group as she did say how moving forward, there could be a possibility of producing a final brand as liked elements from each of our work.

Brand deliverables: Website, Letterhead, Leaflet

The client had asked for a website, letterheads and leaflets/brochure to show the identity across different elements. Because I already had colours and a typeface, I felt that as long as I had templates it wasn’t going to be a too difficult task to create the deliverables, however the website would need to be user friendly and along with the leaflet, I would need to factor in that I didn’t have any text from the client so I’d have to show where the text would go.

For the letter heads, I found that it was an easy task to create as I was able to rearrange the shapes as a template. I created 3 potential letter heads which I wanted to be slightly different to show how you could change them for the different departments within the company.


With the leaflet, it needed to have a clear structure and eye catching so that it makes people want to pick up and read what they have to say. Since the company has a wide target audience, I made sure that the language used was easy to read and had a friendly tone. With the advantage of having the shapes, I found it easy to use as a visual system within the leaflet as I could use the shapes as a background. I continued the use of my hand writing for the titles and any other writing which needed to be bold.



As for the website, I followed the same system as the leaflet and kept the shapes as a general visual. I used the words that spelled out the word ‘REAL’ in the logo as different parts to the website as I felt that this was a simple way to show the different areas that they do and to also tie in the original meaning of the logo. It was important that I showed the website to be user friendly since it will be a range of people that will be using the website so it needs to be easily accessible and display the information clearly. I didn’t have much information for the website so I left space where the writing would go.

Final logo and visual identity

For the final logo, I kept with my original idea of use the shapes but made them more refined and softened the colours so it wasn’t so harsh on the eye. I also redrew the writing for the logo so that it was less thick and complimenting the shapes. I felt that my overall finished logo fitted the criteria of what the client had asked for as the shapes were all identifiable as separate shapes so would work to represent different parts of the business however they also came together well to work as one logo. I made sure that the colours were distinctive so that I’d be able to use them as single plain colours in different parts of the work.

Screenshot (55)

I created 2 posters to explain what the brand was for future customers but also to show to the client in the final presentation. I wanted it to be clear as to what the acronym stood for and how it represented the brand. This is where I was able to make use of the colour and also use further slogans to define each word in the acronym.



Development of logo

From the client feedback, I re-worked on my logo making it more legible and creating a visual identity that would easily go across many different parts of the business. I refined the shapes so that they more identifiable and are clearly separate to each other. One thing the client said about another member’s work in the group is that she liked her hand drawn type and would like to see this across all work so I re-wrote the name of the brand in thick black handwriting. I had initial problems with how to write the word and found that because it was overlaying shapes in the logo, the writing needed to be thick enough so it stood out but also didn’t seem too overpowering. As well as this, I needed to change the name I had chose as the client did not like the word ‘space’. I tried to think of other words however I like the acronym ‘REAL’ as I liked that it stood for all the different parts within the brand so I kept with this but changed ‘space’ to ‘collective’. Along with the slight change of name, I made up the slogan, ’empowering welsh communities’; combining this with the name, I felt that it represented the brand and what they provide as a service.

Screenshot (48)

Tutorial: One thing that was mentioned was that the text is very heavy and the acronym as a whole was quite a lot to say in one go. A suggestion was to re-write the type so that the letters aren’t as thick and to also change the wording slightly so that is not as formal, for example: ‘Regenerate, Explore, Act and Learn’. I much prefer this way of spelling out the word REAL as it still means the same it’s just more friendly and inviting.